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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Victoria Beckham Spring 2016 RTW (NYFW)

Can you believe these are outfits the from the collection of Victoria Beckham Spring 2016
Remember her creations at the very beginning of her designing career,  the outfits are sexy, hour glass silhouette mainly short sheaths dresses and evening wear - all fitted and well constructed, styled with stilettos which seems more suitable for business luncheons, cocktail parties and red carpet events. 

Her Spring 2016 collection is different... it's carefree, effortless and fresh, paired with flats and open toe platform sandals.  There are a total of 36 sets of outfits which include casual loose fit dresses, midi length skirts and jackets showcased at New York Fashion Week on 13th September, 2015.  I am enlighten to see surfer and floral silk screen prints appeared in her collection too.

I guess her inspiration came from her lifestyle, constant travels and outings with her fabulous family which seems all pieces are easily pack up and go.  

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